Fillings, Inlays

foto-inlay-02Fillings are used to fill a smaller or medium size cavity hole in the front teeth or molars alike, caused by tooth decay.

In our practice we use high quality, aesthetic, light curing filling materials of 3M Espe, the worldwide market leader manufacturer of dental materials. Using these new filling materials only the decayed, discoloured portions of the tooth have to be removed, this is why these are so beneficial from the point of view of tooth restoration.

Inlays, or otherwise inserts are a solid type of fillings, prepared in dental laboratories, to replace missing tissues of tooth, thereby restoring the anatomical shape, chewing capacity and function thereof. Tooth-coloured inlays are extremely durable and aesthetic fillings, having lots of beneficial features (e.g. optional shade, non-allergic, extremely high chewing stability, fit to mouth, 10-12 years lifetime). Inlays can be made of porcelain, gold, or composite resin, subject to the choice of a patient.