Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

  • How does the bleaching work? Is it painful?

  • Whitening procedure starts with a complete check-up of teeth. Prior to whitening any problematic tooth shall be treated, scales and plaque must be removed. It is followed by the identification of the current shade of teeth with the help of a tooth shade guide. The dentist applies Remewhite professional whitening gel on dry teeth, which is tissue-friendly, PH balanced, it does not damage gum or teeth. Bottom and upper teeth are illuminated at a time by plasma light for 20 minutes, which is fully harmless and painless. Thereafter the gel is removed. If necessary the procedure can be repeated twice. After rinsing the teeth, the result is compared to the shade guide, so you can see the difference at once. The treatment is painless,but irritability is possible.

  • How can I pay?

  • You can pay in cash (Euro/Forint), we can not accept credit card.

  • How will I make an appointment?

  • You can make an appointment online or by phone.

  • How can I come to Your clinic?

  • Mosonmagyaróvár is easily accessible from several metropolises. Vienna e Bratislava are near to our town (circa 1 hour).We can make the travel of our patients easier with our own car. We transport them to the treatments according to their claim.

  • How long does the treatment take?

  • It depends on the treatment. You can calculate on 2-4 times in case of crown/bridge/removable replacement. Implantation takes longer.

  • What is the difference between the metal-ceramic crown and the cercon crown?

  • The following fixed replacements are available for our patients: ceramic crowns/bridges fused to metal framework or non-metallic (zirconia) crowns/bridges. Solely nickel-free or precious metal alloy is used for the metal framework of bridge work/crowns. Crowns or bridge works, that are fused to the framework, are prepared by dental technicians. Taking into consideration the individual makings, an aesthetic effect can be achieved that look very much like your own teeth. Metal-free crowns and bridge-works have further numerous advantages: they do not contain metal, are non-allergic, fully aesthetic, bio-inert, therefore environmental-friendly, do not cause gum inflammation.

  • What is the removable replacement?

  • Removable replacements can be removed by the patients themselves, no medical intervention is needed. Therefore mouth hygiene and perfect cleaning of the replacement can be ensured. Partial or full dentures with metal plate can be prepared, too.
    Partial plate denture is prepared when not all of the teeth are missing, the number of existing teeth, however, is not sufficient to hold a fixed replacement.
    Full plate removable replacement (full denture) is prepared if all of the teeth are missing.

  • What is a dental implant?How does implantation take place?

  • Dental implants are fully non-allergic screws, made of pure titanium, which are placed into the jawbone. Placement of implant is followed by 3-6 months of healing period, that is the period of osseointegration. Thereafter, subject to the number of missing teeth, or implants, the final crown, bridgework or denture is placed.

  • Will I have a guarantee?

  • The warranty period is 1 year (removable replacement) / 3 years (fixed replacement). You can find the guarantee conditions at our homepage.

  • How can I pass my free time?

  • The termal baths and the sights of the town are near to our clinic. You can find other information at our website.