Why choose our dental clinic

Why choose our dental clinic?

1. Pleasant, calm atmosphere
To create a pleasant, calm environment was a very important standpoint at the opening. It’s undoubted that every dental treatment evokes a healthy fear, but we think, that the harmful excitement is reducible with adequate consideration and with establishing of a familiar atmosphere. We consider the informal and friendly atmosphere very important, because our patients stand close to us and we sympathize with them in their position. We are not directed to massive dentistry but rather an individual, personal touch.

2. Favorable prices
The Rubin Dental dentistry offers the quality services at reasonable prices for the patients who would like to be recoveri or get prettier. We consider this important, because we know that healthy teeth are indispensable in life. You can save up to 50-70% on the costs of dental treatments.

3. Premium qualitiy and guarantee
Our clinics is supplied with the most modern equipment. This serves the interests of the patients and the dentists. We guarantee our patient’s best treatment with adequate instruments and with excellent professional knowledge. We assume 3 years guarantee for the fixed replacements, 1 year for the removable replacements.

4. Easy reach, free transfer
Mosonmagyaróvár is easily accessible from several metropolises. Budapest, Vienna e Bratislava are near to our town, so the airports are not away from our clinic. Hungary has developed railway network, the trains start often from the capital city, they are comfortable on favorable prices. Mosonmagyaróvár is easily accessible by car on the motorway from Budapest and from Vienna. We can make the travel of our patients easier with our own car. We transport them to the treatments according to their claim.

5. Short waiting time
The patient is the first for us. You do not need to wait long weeks or months for an appointment. You can spend the waiting time before the treatments in a pleasant, calm atmosphere. Make an appiontment today and enjoy Your beutiful smile as soon as possible!