Materials used at the dentistry and in the dental laboratory satisfy the actual international quality expectations. Subject to the type of tooth replacements we grant several years of guarantee. Our dental technicians provide us with a certificate of quality for any work they perform.

Warranty period:

Removable replacement – 1 year Ceramic crown – 3 years
one year guarantee starlike label three years guarantee starlike label

Guarantee conditions:

  • – regular annual control examination
  • – adequate oral hygiene
  • – proper use of the crown/bridge/full or partial prosthesis

For all kinds of inflammations as well as root canal treatments and parodonthosis you will be provided no guarantee. Rubin Dental Clinis is not liable for any unforeseen root canal treatment after having tooth/teeth prepared for crown or bridgework. Occasionally, teeth suffer preparation trauma during crown or bridgework treatment resulting in a need for a root canal treatment afterwards. All guarantees can be claimed only at the Rubin Dental Clinic. Treatments that are guaranteed can only be carried out at the Rubin Dental Clinic. Guarantee Terms does not include the expenses of your accommodation and travel, those are to be paid separately by the patient.