Remewhite teeth whitening

Remewhite teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

Beyond our eyes, teeth are the most striking parts of our face, thus a wonderful smile will at once attract the attention. Our aim is to make you fully satisfied with your bright teeth. Therefore we offer you the Remewhite professional teeth whitening procedure, which is fully safe, effective and durable.

How does Remewhite in-office professional teeth whitening work?
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Whitening procedure starts with a complete check-up of teeth. Prior to whitening any problematic tooth shall be treated, scales and plaque must be removed. It is followed by the identification of the current shade of teeth with the help of a tooth shade guide. The dentist applies Remewhite professional whitening gel on dry teeth, which is tissue-friendly, PH balanced, it does not damage gum or teeth. Bottom and upper teeth are illuminated at a time by plasma light for 20 minutes, which is fully harmless and painless. Thereafter the gel is removed. If necessary the procedure can be repeated twice. After rinsing the teeth, the result is compared to the shade guide, so you can see the difference at once.

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